Our Culture

Ceres is a nimble, courageous and tenacious international disaster response and construction company looking for a specific type of employee. It might be you...

People who succeed here have a passion for the pursuit, capture and excellent execution of client work. Work that often means a community somewhere needs help.

Our people work having a passion for working hard until the the job is done. There is always a way. Our people find a way—often mobilizing into areas with impassible roads, no power, no cellular service and little time for indecision.

We are self-starters who make things happen. We work with, around or through to help our customers. We are OK with the grey, the uncertain, the ill-defined.

Our people appreciate Ceres’ flat organizational structure. While process, order, structure is present and appreciated it does not hinder our progress.

We strive for excellence and getting better every day. We strive to find more people like us: people who care.

If this sounds appealing please complete an application, reach out to us via email at or follow us on LinkedIn for periodic updates.