Winter storms

and the accompanying heavy snow or ice can pose unique problems. Ceres has assisted communities in recovery from winter storms, such as ice storms, early/late season snow falls, Nor’easters and blizzards from Colorado to Connecticut for more than 20 years. Much of the resulting damage in these types of disasters are the scores of fatigued or snapped tree branches often hanging precariously overhead. Our company’s early years as a tree service, our extensive disaster experience and our relationships with experts such as certified arborists, ensure Ceres can handle any challenges a winter storm may bring. In addition, many of Ceres’ project managers and equipment operators have experienced winter conditions in Minnesota and are already acquainted with cold weather hazards.

Winter storms can affect every state in the continental United States.

Different possible hazards are detailed in this map from the National Weather Service. Heavy ice or snow can pull down tree branches, power lines, and damage structures.