Finding Sustainable Solutions

Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. has a 44-year history of providing a variety of waste prevention, waste
management and recycling services including:

  • Wood Waste Grinding and Mulching
  • Composting and Specialty Soil Development
  • Concrete and Masonry Crushing and Recycling
  • Metals Recapture and Reuse
  • Salvage of Building Contents and Materials
  • Recycling of Waste Oils and Fluids
  • Municipal Solid Waste/Landfill Management

Our Recycling Efforts Today

Ceres has two sister companies that are leaders in arboriculture management. The Ground Up (Texas) and Ceres Mulch (Minnesota)—are premium manufacturers of high-end mulches, specialty soils and composts, all created from vegetative and agriculture waste. Our soil products are now expanding on a national scale and are being used by the University of Texas for re-forestation efforts after large wildfires and are endorsed by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

In New Zealand, Ceres runs a full-scale recycling operation able to recycle roughly 87% of all demolition materials that come out of buildings such as concrete, steel, masonry and wood.

Our materials recycling businesses are synergistic with our disaster recovery services. These centers enable us not only to be good stewards of the environment and minimize waste streams, they also allow us to keep a dedicated stable of heavy equipment such as large grinders and screens that can be employed after a wind, flood or seismic event.