Since 1992, Ceres has positioned itself to provide oil spill disaster response for the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

Building on our proven record in disaster response, hazardous waste collection, project management and rapid deployment, Ceres continues to expand its capabilities to respond to oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and across the globe with the development and implementation of new technologies, the establishment of best management practices and the planning for future events through oil spill translation analysis.

New Technologies for Coastal Spill Response

Ceres identified the need for a better oil skimmer and designed and built 21- and 30-foot harbor skimmers to remove debris and oil from water. Oil is contained in 250-gallon or larger totes aboard the skimmers for ease of off-loading. The 30-foot skimmer has an elevated control center to improve operator visibility.

In the wake of the BP oil spill, Ceres also provided oil spill translation analysis or “vector analysis” to the City of Sarasota, Florida.

Best Practices for the Future

Ceres’ services include confirming best practices in remediation of beaches, containment and collection of near- shore oil and a review of safety standards pertaining to marine activity. Ceres has also been active in studying problems uncovered during recent oil spills, as well as design and manufacture of specialized equipment to resolve those issues.

Ceres’ Values